Adventure Rally 2024

What is AdventureRally2024?

AdventureRally has evolved from a small car club group of friends many years ago into a great travel adventure. There is a lot of interest in this exciting adventure and we decided to share it with everyone else who is interested. Now everyone who wants to can take part in this adventure and join our nice group. Our goal is to give all those interested the opportunity to discover wonderful regions in Southeastern Europe where ordinary tourists do not get to. It is an adventure that everyone should go through to discover different cultures and customs. The whole adventure is based on a point system, and whoever finishes with the highest point score gets the participation fee back and also various prizes. We are not tour operators, but a nice group who want to give you the opportunity to experience something special.

Date of event: 13.07-27.07.2024
Starting point: Kurna Park, at 12:00
Come and have an adventure with us!
Requirements for participating vehicles:
All cars, vans, motorcycles and other interesting vehicles can participate. Plug-in hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, motorhomes and caravans are prohibited from participating.
Your motor vehicle must meet only a few requirements for the most evil road driving in South East Europe: the motor vehicle must be technically sound, have a valid road insurance and technical inspection


The start is from Pärnu and the finish is also there. There are a total of 17 countries to cross, but who reaches more and wants to gain points or always cross more countries. In previous times, some teams have even passed through 21 countries. Seven days before the start, all participants will receive a map with the points to be passed. All teams then have equal time to map their route and find the shortest possible distances between points.

It is forbidden to:
Use highways (except Poland and the Baltic States)


During the day, accommodation is provided by us, where gatherings and sharing of impressions take place. 8 hours have been given for gathering, from 13:00 to 21:00 local time. Overnight stays are located in the campsite parks previously marked on the map. You can wash, cook, etc. there. Everyone has to find a place to spend the night, the easiest, safest and cheapest is to use camping parks. You can sleep there in a car or in a tent. Camping is allowed in most countries only in designated areas, and setting up a tent in nature can be expensive. We send all teams a link where you can download an application that makes it super easy to find a place to stay.

The following are prohibited:
Stay in hotels, rent houses-apartments, etc

Calculation of points

1. Every team that starts automatically gets 5000 points
2. By passing all the points of interest marked on the given map, the team will automatically receive an additional 2000 points.
3. The team with the lower mileage gets an additional 500 points
4. If the team discovers something interesting that is not located in a tourist area and is worth noting, then you will get 250 points for each place found. You must inform about your find and send the pictures to the Messenger group created for this purpose
5. The team will be fined 250 points for each checkpoint that is not taken from the map


For safety reasons, there must be at least two people in each vehicle (except motorcycles). Motorcyclists must ride at least in pairs. Small children and pets are prohibited.

Participation fee

The participation fee for one team is 500.-
The price includes one vehicle and 2 people. Each additional person in the vehicle costs 100.-
The participation fee for a motorcycle is 250.-

The participation fee includes:
1. A total of 7 overnight stays provided by us
2. GPS tracking system installed on the vehicle
3. Mapping, i.e. putting down points
4. 24/7 support and advice both by phone and online
5. AdvetureRally2024 and sponsor stickers for vehicles (if desired)
6. Prizes for all participants


We recommend that you also familiarize yourself with our recommendations that every team could have with them.
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