A desire for adventure, a car-motorcycle and 2 weeks of free time.

If you're an EU citizen, you don't need a visa for this adventure.


New, classic and novelties are welcome


There are new, classic and novelties

Vans and trucks

New, classic or brand new vans - trucks are welcome.
Motorhomes and caravans are not permitted. Self-built motorhomes are allowed

Electric vehicles

Plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric cars are not allowed.

The start is from Estonia and the exact location will be told to everyone 1 month before the start. The start event starts at 10:00 and the official start is at 12:00. Everyone's friends, family and fans are welcome.

Road conditions differ significantly:

On dry asphalt at +45 degrees, on gravel roads in the mountains with hail and, of course, the winding mountain roads of the Balkans
There are roads for every taste!

Each rally has its own Facebook group where all participants are added. There you can exchange ideas with other teams before, during and after the rally, etc. This group is opened to everyone 1 month before the start
In addition, Navirec installs GPS on all cars, and the location of all teams can be seen on a public map.

Any support is welcome! In particular, we are looking forward to gifts for the participants, and in return sponsors can stick their stickers on our cars. In addition, each supporter's name-logo goes on our website and social media. It would be especially nice if the teams themselves could find new sponsors for our great adventure. Also, our adventure can be advertised anywhere and anytime

The participation fee must be paid according to the invoice sent to you, so that your starting place is officially reserved. The reservation can be canceled up to 1 month before the start and we will refund 100% of the participation fee. In case of later cancellations, we will refund 50% of the participation fee or the participation fee will remain as an advance for the next adventure. It is possible to transfer your reservation to a third party. If friends, relatives or acquaintances take over your reservation, notify them of the changes directly by e-mail.

In addition to the entry fee, there are additional costs for food, petrol, possible ferry crossings or tolls. Rough overview of travel costs per day for a team of 2: Fuel costs: around 500-800 euros.

It is difficult to say the exact amount, but from previous experience, such an adventure costs about 1000-1500 euros per team, or 500-750 per person.

Overnight in the open air, in a tent, in a vehicle or with new friends: €0. Camping parks: 1 night 10-25 eur car and 2 people 

Most of them cook their own food with the supplied stove and it is much cheaper than eating out. In addition, food is still very cheap compared to Estonia, but it depends on the country, but in a local restaurant you can get a decent steak for, for example, 3.50 .- in Albania, but 35.- in Croatia.